Rules for the Number of Papers, Posters and Workshops You Can Present, the Number of Symposia and Workshops You Can Organize and the Number of Symposia Sessions You Can Preside

Your Total Number of Program Interactions must not Exceed the Number Nine.

As a Presenter you may personally present two offerings at the 26th BCCE: two papers, one paper and one poster, two posters, two workshops, or one paper and one workshop, etc., (The Rule of Two).

If you receive more than two invitations by symposia organizers to present a paper, you will need to decide which two invitations you will accept. Your name may be listed as a co-author on as many papers or posters as you and your co-authors care to submit. However, we cannot guarantee there may not be conflicts in these cases as MAPS can only look for conflicts where you are the primary presenter of a paper or primary poster presenter.

The program chairs only look (visually scan) for schedule conflicts where you are the primary presenter. Unfortunately, we cannot take the time to look for conflicts when you are listed as a non-presenting author.

An exhibitor may present one paper, or one poster, or one workshop (the same workshop may be presented twice).

As a Symposium Presider you may be personally be listed as presiding of a maximum of three symposia at the 26th BCCE (The Rule of Three). If you are presiding for the morning and afternoon sessions of the same symposium, the morning and afternoon session on the same day counts as one presiding session. However, if you are presiding at the same symposium on two different days this counts as two presiding sessions. The organizers certainly appreciate all symposia presiders and we thank you for volunteering your time at the BCCE to do so. Currently, MAPS does not have the capability of checking for conflicts if you are presenting two papers, organizing two or more symposia, facilitating a workshop and serving as a symposia presider.

As a Symposium Organizer and or Workshop Leader you may personally be involved in organizing maximum of four symposia and or workshops at the 26th BCCE: two symposia and two workshops, three workshops and one symposium, or three symposia and one workshop, etc., (The Rule of Four). By organize, we mean you are involved with developing and setting the content for your symposium or workshop and you have submitted the symposium and or workshop proposals. You are still restricted to the number of times of being the presenter at a symposium or the facilitator of a workshop.

You may be an organizer or a co-organizer on up to four symposia, but then you may not organize a workshop. You may serve as a workshop organizer for four workshops – this includes if one of your workshops is presented twice, but then you may not organize a symposium. MAPS will check for conflicts and we will visually scan for conflicts. However, we cannot guarantee there will be no conflicts when you are involved with organizing and presiding three or four symposia and presenting two papers.

Your Total Number of Program Interactions (TNPI) at the 26th BCCE must not exceed the number 9.0 when the following equation is applied:

TNPI = (# of presentations) + (# of presiding sessions) + (# of organizing symposia and or workshops)