So you want to meet?

Contact the organizing committee through our email address and we can help schedule that meeting for you. As you know, classrooms and meeting rooms on a college campus are tightly scheduled. One cannot just decide to have a meeting in an OSU classroom without first scheduling the meeting with the 26th BCCE program committee.

Rogue meetings may get bumped due to room conflicts or may incur unexpected costs.

Don't let that happen to you. Just submit the requested information and we will get the room and help with announcing your meeting in the program.

The best time for meetings will be over the lunch breaks Sunday to Wednesday. The 26th BCCE General Chair, Logistics Person and Ombuds Person will work with you to schedule the best available time and an appropriate space for your meeting. However, your meeting may not be held the same time as the plenary, symposia, workshop or poster sessions.


How to Schedule a Meeting at the BCCE

In order to schedule a meeting at the BCCE, please send the following information to our email address [email protected]. If your information is received prior to April 20, 2020, your meeting will appear in the schedule that is printed in the BCCE Program and Pocket Guide. After that deadline, meetings will be announced in the BCCE Daily Newsletter, the daily newsletter of the 26th BCCE.

  • Name of the meeting:
  • Type of meeting: Committee/Meeting/Birds-of a-Feather:
  • Contact Person:
  • E-mail address of Contact Person:
  • Phone number of the Contact Person:
  • Preferred day of meeting: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Preferred time of day: Early morning, lunch, late afternoon (Note the 26th BCCE Program Committee will not schedule any meetings or BoaF meetings during the plenary, poster, symposia and workshop sessions. Meetings will not be scheduled after 8pm.)
  • Approximate number of attendees:
  • Status of meeting: Open or closed
  • Brief description of meeting:
  • Other pertinent information for scheduling your meeting:

Note that we can help coordinate early morning, lunch and late afternoon meetings for your committee or group. The 26th BCCE will not schedule or provide food and beverages. If your group wants food and beverages, the organizer must contact OSU Conference Services to schedule food and beverages and the organizer will bear the cost for food/drink.

AV equipment needs are negotiable. Usually only DivCHED committee meetings are allocated funds for using the OSU AV/media equipment in the meeting rooms.

Please note that all room bookings must be done through the 26th BCCE General Chair, Campus Logistics Person and Ombuds Person to ensure that you are not charged for the room use.